slam dunk

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something that is a sure to occur

a forceful dunk

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He was in the 2015 Slam Dunk Contest, though he came up short and hasn't competed since.
He will once more represent the country in the slam dunk championship.
The news comes after Slam Dunk was recently awarded Best Metropolitan Festival at the UK Festival Awards 2017.
It feels great to finally walk away with the Slam Dunk crown.
Slam Dunk is aiming to get bigger in 2017 with the addition of the First Direct Arena in Leeds as the second stage, another outdoor stage in Hatfield and an expanded site in Birmingham.
Craig Coulam and his Flying is crew of Mark Puddick and Ben Howe (RAYC) made a real impact in the class, deservedly finishing just behind Slam Dunk in second place overall.
IN the scorching Wednesday evening sun, the North East's pop punk scene came out to play, eager to catch a bill of insanely catchy bands playing Slam Dunk On Tour at Trillians Rock Bar.
But in the end, Boston's Gerald Green slammed all his problems with a resounding windmill dunk over a table to pull out one of the most lopsided victories in Slam Dunk contest history.
BOSTON - Despite the Celtics' poor record, it's no slam dunk that they will win the NBA Lottery this year.
Now touring Britain, the pop punk outfit get a headlining slot at the Slam Dunk festival in Leeds.
Further down south, energy magnate Dan Duncan gave the Baylor College of Medicine (Texas) a slam dunk worth $100 million.
However, the number of variables involved makes this task less of a slam dunk and more of a calculated risk.
Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) has unveiled its first new speciality aircraft with a marketing partner in 17 years, the NBA-themed Slam Dunk One.
You have to be careful not to make any kind of assumption that this is a slam dunk," Wendy Peters, senior vice president in the terrorism practice group of Willis Global Markets North America, told risk managers.