slaked lime

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a caustic substance produced by heating limestone

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Supply of slaked lime on the site of the drinking water treatment unit (utep) at the clermont auvergne mtropole plant in cournon-d~auvergne.
The slaked lime was raked and stirred until the visible reaction ceased.
Quid typically consist of areca nut, slaked lime, tobacco, cloves and sometime sweeteners.
The traditional Indian version of an after dinner mint was pan, a green patty which tasted like lipstick but with its betel nut leaves, fennel, slaked lime, etc.
Users prepare Tunbol by wrapping small pieces of sliced, dried betel seeds into a fully grown betel pepper leaf, along with pellets of slaked lime, an inorganic compound also known as calcium hydroxide, which releases stimulating alkaloids and causes users to salivate.
When straw is used in cubicles, slaked lime or powdered ground limestone can be used to help keep the bed dry.
A DASH OF LIME wash, slaked lime (calcium hydroxide) and chalk water solutions were once applied to barns and fences to deter insects and protect against the elements.
Half-chewed betel leaves, areca nut and slaked lime contain highly caustic substance that corrode away steel.
Wakf Board and Haryana govt have sanctioned ` 25 lakh for Sadar Darwaza's restoration Indian Trust for Rural Heritage and Development started conservation work last year Architecture shows confluence of Mughal and Rajput cultures with arch, dome and balconies Lime and stones from Aravalli used for construction Lime mortar made of slaked lime, sand and water being used for conservation
Another chemical, although there are dozens of examples, is calcium hydroxide powder, used in drilling mud and commonly known as slaked lime.
They may also contain other unhealthy ingredients such as areca nuts - a mildly euphoric stimulant, known to be addictive and cancer-causing - and slaked lime, a chemical used to make cement, the guidelines said.
People roll small pieces of the nut from Areca catechu, more commonly called betel palm, in a leaf from the Piper betel vine, then add powdered slaked lime or limestone paste, and chew it.
The search for a purer fire recedes deep in the angles of history: wildfire, a boy's own myth, its obscurity fastidious as its composition unknown: concocted oil, sulphur, resin, willow charcoal, sale nitro, aqua vitae, and camphor the hectic business of the living day bitumen, slaked lime, collect the death certificate from the bones, charcoal, lithium, and wrap and pacify the spirit in Ethiopian wool sodium, incense, tow, paste of talc, cggwhites, gum, and salamander whose skin is our asbestos