slaked lime

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a caustic substance produced by heating limestone

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According to the guidelines, smokeless tobacco products include - Tobacco with or without flavourants: misri India tobacco (powdered) and qimam (kiman); Tobacco with various alkaline modifiers: khaini, naswar (niswar, nass) and gul ; Tobacco with slaked lime as an alkaline modifier and areca nut: gutkha, zarda, mawa.
In science, slaked lime is calcium oxide that has been chemically combined with which liquid?
Professional conservators have been slowly revealing the art, using scalpels and spatulas to remove the layers of limewash and injecting slaked lime putty behind the paintings to secure them for future display.
05 M carbonate concentrations calcium carbonate forms a coherent film on the calcium hydroxide surfaces, thereby denying water access to the surface and preventing further dissolution of the slaked lime [28].
Other commercial products include Supari (roasted and flavored pieces of areca nut), Mainpuri (areca nut, tobacco, slaked lime, camphor, and cloves), and Mawa (areca nut, tobacco, and slaked lime) to name a few.
MAV observed an adult Giant Hummingbird during most of February 2007 coming regularly to a wall of an old country house painted with slaked lime (calcium hydroxide) near the town of Quirihue (36[degrees] 20' S, 72[degrees] 38' W) in central Chile.
2] is stripped of its dust content by passing it through cyclones, cooled, given a final cleaning in a baghouse and then introduced through spargers to the bottom of the tank containing the slaked lime to give a very pure CaC[O.
Kumkum (Vermilion): Made from dried turmeric and powdered with slaked lime, which turns the rich yellow powder into a red color; a dot is applied to the forehead so when a girl or married woman enters a house it is a sign of respect, or blessing
It is a flavoured and sweetened dry mixture of areca nut, catechu, slaked lime, cardamom, menthol, fennel seeds and tobacco (Gupta et al 1992); Nigam et al 2001).
As an alternative to synthetic resins for saving frescoes, the Florence team favors the use of nanoparticles of calcium hydroxide, or slaked lime.
A technique that dates back 5,000 years or more, buon fresco--or true fresco--involves the application of five layers of plaster made from a mixture of slaked lime and sand.
On the spur of the moment, the parish priest ordered a huge ditch to be dug in the corner of the cemetery and covered its walls with slaked lime.
Mixed or filtered through slaked lime the sodium sulphate produced sodium hydroxide or, as it's more commonly called, caustic soda.
Hahnemann prepared it by distilling a mixture of recently slaked lime and previously burned and melted potassium bisulphate.
comprises a gypsum or cement base blended with slaked lime, aggregates and natural pigments applied in successively thinner layers.