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Supply of sodium bicarbonate or slaked lime for the gas treatment unit of energetic recovery and waste treatment (UVETD) Waste of Savoy.
According to the guidelines, smokeless tobacco products include - Tobacco with or without flavourants: misri India tobacco (powdered) and qimam (kiman); Tobacco with various alkaline modifiers: khaini, naswar (niswar, nass) and gul ; Tobacco with slaked lime as an alkaline modifier and areca nut: gutkha, zarda, mawa.
Overall market value for lime - Overall market volume for lime - Market value and volume for lime by product type (hydraulic lime, quicklime, slaked lime) - Product prices - Forecasts and future outlook for the market - Country overview, macroeconomic indicators and indicators for doing business
This was after MRVC officials informed him that exteriors of new trains were being dirtied with paan (betel leaf stuffed with arecanut and slaked lime paste) stains, apart from platforms being freely used for spitting by careless commuters.
So once where thirsty iron and steel workers slaked their thirsts after toiling over hot furnaces all day, today media students are more likely to be seen enjoying a few pints.
MAV observed an adult Giant Hummingbird during most of February 2007 coming regularly to a wall of an old country house painted with slaked lime (calcium hydroxide) near the town of Quirihue (36[degrees] 20' S, 72[degrees] 38' W) in central Chile.
2 level tablespoons cornflour, slaked in a little water
The Bantling Lime Kilns near Annfield Plain, Derwentside, were used to burn limestone to create quick and slaked lime.
The hundreds of thousands of men who slaked the first thirst worked up in our heavy industries down the decades must have sunk quite a few pints of beer between them.
On the spur of the moment, the parish priest ordered a huge ditch to be dug in the corner of the cemetery and covered its walls with slaked lime.
Once his ghoulish thirst had been slaked, he chillingly announced: ``Now you are in my veins and this is for life.
In Australian Haploxeralfs the wettability of virgin grassland soils at high tension was similar to that of cultivated soils, whereas at low water tension, aggregate breakdown of slaked cultivated aggregates favoured fast water intake in cultivated soils (Quirk and Panabokke 1962).
But on the West side it's the veteran boozer where generations of Albion Rovers fans have slaked their thirst, celebrated, and, more frequently, drowned their sorrows.
McClure's lifelong thirst for history couldn't be slaked by reading a stack of books.
comprises a gypsum or cement base blended with slaked lime, aggregates and natural pigments applied in successively thinner layers.