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people who have been slain (as in battle)

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Marry, the blood upon me is that of the vilest outlaw that ever trod the woodlands, and one whom I have slain this day, albeit not without wound to myself.
As I have slain the master I would now kill the man.
I have slain thy man, Sheriff; take heed that it is not thy turn next.
Registration papers of a house (worth Rs 5 million) were also given to the family of another slain lawyer Mohammad Irfan Chohan.
Aisha Hasan giving threats that if their pending salaries were not paid by the government and the killers of Salma the slain polio worker then they would be announce complete strike for immunization campaign as well as Sehat Ka Insaf Program.
Of the 50 victims, 42 were slain with handguns, 5 with shotguns, and 3 with rifles.
1) Making a show of support Thursday in Pomona for the widow of slain L.
15 of the slain officers were assigned to "other" duties at the time of the fatal incidents; 3 of them were alone when attacked.
It exercises the authority of beast # 1 (13:12), urges its worship (13:12, 15), and causes those who refuse to be slain (13:15).
Eight officers were slain investigating drug-related matters, 8 attempting other arrests or serving arrest warrants, 8 investigating suspicious persons or circumstances, and 7 officers were killed in ambush situations (unprovoked attacks).
The data collected on the circumstances surrounding officers' deaths reveal that 13 officers were slain while conducting traffic pursuits/stops, 12 were killed during arrest situations, 10 were killed in ambush situations, and 8 were murdered upon responding to disturbance calls.
Theresa March testified before a congressional hearing that spotlighted the Mexican law, which she believed stood in the way of justice for her slain husband.
Nineteen officers were wearing body armor at the time of their deaths, and 3 were slain with their own weapons.
Leticia Aguirre, whose 17-year-old, Raul, was slain in the melee, sat with her mouth agape in disbelief.
He was due to begin his second season as a defensive back on the college's football team two days after he was slain.