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(usually in the plural) pants for casual wear

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Slack water had come, and, as the ebb was commencing, there was need for hurry if we cared to escape waiting half a day for the next tide.
Buck swung to the right, ending the movement in a plunge that took up the slack and with a sudden jerk arrested his one hundred and fifty pounds.
The deal also gives the Slacks access to the UK''s only 3D virtual reality kitchen design facility, which is at Wilson Fink''s showroom in Manchester.
The Slacks previously had worked in Seaside, where Todd's uncle operated funeral homes.
Zachary bought two pairs of uniform shorts, a pair of slacks and three shirts in white, navy blue and red.
After renovating the building to provide B&B accommodation, the Slacks began renting the neighbouring pheasant shoot at The Rhallt.
Women, who have more flexibility, can also create professional looks with separates--twinsets, slacks, skirts, blazers and dresses.
Haggar also holds the number one market share position in the dress slacks, sport coats and custom fit suits categories.
To put on slacks without standing up, sit on the edge of the bed and slip the slacks over both feet up to the knees.
the Michigan City-based manufacturer of men's better-quality tailored dress slacks.
7%); men's/boys' jeans/jean-cut casual slacks, purchased fabrics (70.
Mayor Jo Anne Darcy, dressed in a dark pink sweater set and black slacks, and City Manager George Caravalho, in a polo shirt and gray slacks, joined the rest of the council at the retreat.
This is demonstrated by the immense popularity of casual slacks and by the demand for comfort details in dress apparel.
The shirts, slacks, shorts and accessories are being sold by major retailers across the country.
Macy's will carry dress slacks, custom-fit suits, sport coats and men's casual apparel including the exciting new Haggar Wrinkle-Free Cottons(TM).