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Synonyms for slackly

in a relaxed manner


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Religious observances are not only slackly attended, but spoken of with contempt and derision.
To start so slackly in a game of such importance was embarrassing.
Unpromisingly, "Crowned" opens with the usual reality-competition yada yada yada -- the contestants ooh and ahh over their digs, a "magnificent pageant palace"; they all say something like, "I definitely think we're the team to beat"; they cattily disparage the other teams (but not cleverly or nearly enough to make this a guilty pleasure); and react slackly to the judges' every utterance.
until we were both standing naked in the harsh gray light, two naked members of the same species, a male and a female, the male somewhat younger and less scarred than the Female, the female somewhat less delicately constructed than the male, both individuals pale-skinned, with dark thatches of hair in the area of their genitals, both individuals standing slackly, as if a great protracted tension had at last been released.
Slackly paced, containing few surprises and strangely antiseptic, this summer's most eagerly-awaited movie ain't really super at all.
Reading boss Steve Coppell said: "We started slackly and they had more of an edge.
Couldn't he see I was fading away, that my mouth hung slackly open, my eyes were bloodshot, features flushed and I was unsteady on my feet?
These are made of interlocked cuttings of textured papers, suggestive of wood grain and masonry like the papiers colles so beloved by the Cubists, all seemingly held together by a series of slackly dangling, ropelike pencil lines.