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Synonyms for slackening

the act or process of becoming less active or intense

Synonyms for slackening

an occurrence of control or strength weakening

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The analysts explain the slackening of the growth rates of accumulated profits with general trends in the system, specifically
The Nord-Lock X-series washers' conical shape also creates an elastic reserve in the bolted joint to compensate for the loss of preload and prevent slackening.
Summary: BEIJING - China's central bank cut benchmark interest rates by 25 basis points on Thursday in a surprise move to shore up slackening economic growth, its first rate cut since the depths of the 2008/09 financial crisis.
Japan's solo foray into currency markets, its first in six years, sparked fears other nations might follow suit to prop up sagging exports and that such competitive devaluations could prove lethal to the slackening global economic recovery.
Papacostas was responding to opposition criticism that the National Guard was facing a slackening off and disorganisation in light of the theft of some 170 kilos of plastic explosives from an army depot in Limassol and a missing anti-tank rocket propelled grenade from a camp near Nicosia.
However, slackening global demand remains a major concern for the community, a Confederation of Indian Industry ( CII) survey said.
Summary: The stellar rate of growth at online fashion retailer ASOS appears to be slackening off despite virtually doubling annual profits.
TRANSPORT group Arriva yesterday warned that slackening growth at their CrossCountry rail franchise would dent first-half results.
NORTH-EAST-BASED transport group Arriva today warned that slackening growth at its CrossCountry rail franchise would dent first-half results.
Online fashion retailer ASOS has shown signs that its stellar rate of growth is slackening off despite virtually doubling annual profits.
According to the World Bank, slackening in the rate of economic growth will be more serious in 2008 than expected.
childhood obesity that began more than two decades ago is showing the first signs of slackening, a new study finds.
PARIS: India's economy will slow down in the next few years, hit by a rising rupee and slackening demand, and needs more reforms to stay on a sustainably strong growth path, the OECD said yesterday.
Tokyo stocks opened sharply higher Thursday as an overnight surge on Wall Street eased nagging concerns about a slackening U.
The World Bank is counting on Chinese domestic consumption to sustain the country's economic growth and continue to drive the global economy despite slackening export sales.