slack tide

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the occurrence of relatively still water at the turn of the (low) tide


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Columbia River Buoy 10 anglers are taking fair numbers of chinook and coho salmon, with the best catches coming around high slack tide.
That makes the docks inaccessible except at slack tide.
Slack tide was assigned when the magnitude of the difference was below an arbitrary threshold set such that the mean duration of all slack tides was 1 h.
In the middle would be an archway which would allow small boats to pass through at slack tide.
However, the present conceptual model for megalopal transport within the estuary (Forward & Tankersley 2001, Epifanio & Garvine 2001) calls for megalopae to leave the water column near the time of high slack tide when turbulent kinetic energy has fallen below some threshold value (Welch & Forward 2001).
This latter manoeuvre is an extremely delicate operation to be carried out during the periods of slack tide with split second precision, and in very close proximity of previously placed caissons.
What you are trying to do is not increase your VMG by catching windward-going tide, but waiting for slack tide or northerly going tide before crossing exposed waters.
Normally, the Falls are only navigable at slack tide, when the river ceases flowing altogether, but the Reversing Falls Jet Boat Ride ($18 per person) runs all the time.
The best time of day to go crabbing is when the crab are able to move about freely, from an hour before slack tide to an hour after the tide changes.
SEPTEMBER brings a slack tide of celestial treasures.
The slack tide of the first quarter's M&A activity will begin to flow again as improved markets bring both buyers and sellers back to the negotiating table.
Some of these channels can only be checked in slack tide due to the swift currents that flow through them.
Caltrans plans to use the tightly choreographed sequential-charge implosion method to remove the piers E4 and E5 during the upcoming window months of October and November, during slack tide to minimize the transfer of energy and debris downstream.
Fishing at slack tide greatly facilitates this technique.
He said: "This is an extremely dangerous passage of water and it's pure chance that there were favourable weather conditions and he caught a slack tide.