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Synonyms for slab

Synonyms for slab

a relatively long, straight, rigid piece of metal or other solid material

Words related to slab

block consisting of a thick piece of something

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Earlier in the day, Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia also highlighted a similar notion and said that GST needs simplification, which can be brought out by reducing the number of slabs, only if prevailing conditions permit.
The PC slab has 41 columns of dielectric rods in the x-direction and 7 columns of dielectric rods in the z-direction.
They said that 80 per cent of all the cigarette brands fell under the lower slab.
Along with quick installation, the slabs minimize lane closure requirements and crew exposure to live traffic; can be installed in most any weather; and, per Caltrans specs, exhibit service life up to 50 years.
Experimental tests were carried on eighteen one-way reinforced concrete slabs, where twelve were square slabs with sides of 1.
In this paper, a FEM model was applied to analyze the influence of contact loss beneath track slabs on the mechanical performance of slab track and the operation performance of vehicles with different train speeds, and an experimental testing of the dynamic characteristic of CRTS-I track slab with contact loss was conducted to verify the FEM results.
After the slabs were rolled, each student used a sharp wooden stylus to cut an organic shape out of their clay.
The slabs of Venetian Gold granite used for this project was from a long operating Brazilian quarry known in the industry for consistent quality materials.
Says Rajeev Singh , the President of RAK India , "These slabs not only boast the size but also stand strong as a paragon of unprecedented beauty.
In this paper, an improved WPT system which combines the coupling rings with the highly sub-wavelength metamaterial slabs is proposed and analyzed.
The temperature of the magnetocaloric slabs rise, causing the magnetocaloric effect.
SLAB Watchdog is committed to the safe and domestic recycling of spent lead-acid batteries (SLABs) and operates off of four basic principles: (1) Recycling of SLABs must occur in the United States by facilities that utilize the most advanced technologies that minimize environmental damage; (2) Transportation of SLABs must comply with federal regulations regarding the loading and bracing of SLABs to avoid damage and toxic spills; (3) Collection facilities should only use battery brokers who sign a memorandum of agreement committing to use domestic recyclers; (4) Federal, state and local governments must establish protocol to ensure that all SLABs generated by their vehicle fleets are recycled at domestic facilities.
For engineered industrial concrete slabs, Preferred Freezers, Chatham, New Jersey, USA, has once again trusted Twintec USA, Davidson, North Carolina, to provide turnkey, design-build Freeplan slabs at its newest refrigerated facility in Elizabeth, New Jersey.