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writing formed in the sky by smoke released from an airplane

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In 1996, preoccupied with the notion of abandonment that had informed his wall drawings, Simmons traveled to Death Valley to film the skywriting project Desert Blizzard.
Later he would not only pen but also illustrate three books: In His Own Write, A Spaniard In The Works and Skywriting By Word of Mouth.
The day also will feature an ``animated sky'' with skywriting, skydivers and military airplane formations.
This inventory translates into millions of advertising opportunities coast-to-coast covering a breadth of categories from wallscapes and digital networks to more niche offerings like branded parking lines and skywriting.
When engaging AirSign for advertising, clients have the option of utilizing helicopter and airplane banners, skywriting messages and advertising blimps.
Other credits include commercials for McDonald's and BMW, a music video for Aerosmith, and skywriting over a Super Bowl game at the Rose Bowl, Newman said.
Designers working on aeronautic projects can create very realistic exhaust trails, missile trails, vapor trails from wingtips, and even skywriting applications.
OREO fans that don't have a Nokia Lumia Windows smartphone can still delight in the fun of skywriting through the global OREO Facebook community of more than 31 million fans.
The Brightlys flex and form to create fun activities for kids to discover everything from crane and train fractions to pantry word building, alphabet skywriting, garage-sale math and recycling.
In addition to banners and billboards flown by planes or helicopters, AirSign also offers skywriting.
Children play a letter-matching concentration game at a bakery, go skywriting over the airfield with Curious George, fish for letters at the lake with The Man with the Yellow Hat, and learn the names and first-letter sounds of all the animals in the zoo.
These include banner ads, billboard ads, logo boards, helicopter ads, skywriting, and advertising blimps.
AirSign is a leading, full-service, nationwide aerial advertising agency that has been providing custom design, printing and flying of airplane banners as well as skywriting since 1997.
Grand prize winner of 50,000 TrueBlue points and a suite for an upcoming TD Garden event will be announced immediately over the arena in skywriting at 1:30 p.
The company's first project was Perplex City, a global treasure hunt played by tens of thousands of people in over 90 different countries across many different types of media including cell phones, email, billboard advertising, actors at live events and skywriting.