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writing formed in the sky by smoke released from an airplane

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Through Skywriter MD s intuitive onscreen multimedia collaboration services, dedicated teams of centralized, virtual scribes assist multiple physicians across the country with their EHR navigation and documentation needs.
But he can't find a rare model called a Skywriter, which was made specially for using on fold-down trays of the first continental jets.
Handelman's incendiary landscape seems to have been visited by a patriotic skywriter who has left behind a glorious red-and-white trail.
Imagine trying to use a skywriter to deliver your marketing message and planning for the delivery of that message at night.
My playlist also features Decent Days And Nights by The Futureheads, the best single yet from the quirky Sunderland rockers, Skywriter by Jimmy Webb, taken from his new album Twilight Of The Renegades, and Glamstar by The Black Velvets - they should crack the Top 40 with this great record
Sometimes when Amanda Contadino moves her hand in front of her face, she sees trails behind it, like the mark of smoke a skywriter leaves.
In contrast, the Handspring Visor PDA, offered by SkyTel Communications, uses the Glenayre@ctiveLink Wireless Messaging Module and the SkyWriter service of SkyTel's Reflex paging network.
As a few of the more than 100 relatives stepped briefly into the shallow water on a beach at the naval air weapons station, a skywriter painted a white cross, followed by a heart, both of which slowly drifted north until they vanished into the cloudless sky.
In consultation with SkyTel, Lucent realized that the SkyWriter 2000 pager, while still small enough for technicians to carry on their belts, had the processing power and user interface for a true computing solution.
In fact, flatus such as that emitted by the skywriter is only one aspect of contrary winds that blow from time to time.
com), SkyTel's SkyWord Plus and SkyWriter customers can now use the Internet to have different news categories sent directly to their pagers.
The equipment consisted of a car (BMW 518) with a steering wheel, clutch, gear, accelerator, brake, and indicators connected to a Silicon Graphics Skywriter 340VGXT computer.
We've tried to get a skywriter up here, but you can't do it in the winter" he said.
PHOTO : THE WRITING'S IN THE SKY--Recently at New Jersey's Giant's Stadium, a skywriter announced Coor's intentions during the brewer's "Super SCoors" Super Bowl promotion.