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Synonyms for skyline

the outline of objects seen against the sky

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the line at which the sky and Earth appear to meet

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Prior to closing, Skyline expects to declare a dividend to its existing shareholders of its excess net cash available for distribution under the agreement after certain transactional expenses.
Khalaf Bukhatir, son of Abdul Rahman Bukhatir, along with Sanjay Benjamin, Head of Sports of Skyline, Kutub Mulla (Red Bull representative) Zahid Butt (President Durham Grounds in Ajman) and renowed coach Shehzad Altaf gave away the prizes.
Skyline analyzed data from 130 Skyline dealers around the world to determine this year's winner.
Ellington Financial Llc (NYSE: EFC) has said that it has made a subordinated debt investment in Skyline Financial Corporation, a multi-channel mortgage lender based in Calabasas, California.
He helped Skyline grow from a small operation performing roof repairs and grossing $500,000 a year to one of the largest full-service exterior restoration firms in the metro area with revenues over $66 million and a full-time staff of 70.
The 250 employees of Skyline mine were recognized for their outstanding efforts to mitigate the mine's ventilation facility in Winter Quarters Canyon.
The capital raised by Skyline will be used to assist with the acquisition from Intrawest ULC of retail property located within Blue Mountain Resort Village.
If skyline satisfies various visual criteria, in interaction with economical, social and political criteria, than its native population has something to be proud of.
The study by hotel chain Travelodge quizzed 5,000 Brits to see if they could identify the skyline of the country's largest cities against some of the world's most visited destinations.
MORE than half of the people in UK don't recognise the Cardiff skyline, shows new research A fifth of respondents thought the Cardiff skyline was that of the Swedish capital Stockholm, while a third confused it with Manchester.
Los Angeles-based independent direct mortgage lender Skyline Financial Corporation has said that it has raised USD8.
Ocean Readymix & Precast, a leading concrete supplier in Abu Dhabi, has installed the Skyline GPS advanced tracking and security system from Enigma Vehicle Systems of the UK, to help manage the company's fleet of concrete mixing trucks.
The North Little Rock office of Skyline MidSouth is now building convention displays for Stanley Bostitch of East Greenwich, R.
Skyline Steel, the premier provider of steel foundation solutions in North America, expands their pipe manufacturing capacity to the West Coast.
Skyline takes you outside in style at the hotel show 2008