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a window in a roof to admit daylight


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Through the glass of the little skylight you saw a square of blue infinity.
Up the carpeted ladder she crawled at last and opened the door of the skylight room.
And in that Erebus of the skylight room, she slowly raised her heavy eyelids, and smiled.
At a touch, all the electric lights were turned on, and revealed a crowd of people all standing, all looking with rather strained faces up at the skylight, but when they saw each other in the artificial light they turned at once and began to move away.
This was too much, and the black, afraid more of Van Horn than of Jerry, turned and fled for'ard, leaping to safety on top of the eight Lee-Enfield rifles that lay on top of the cabin skylight and that were guarded by one member of the boat's crew.
Our mess-room," he said, entering a small cabin painted white, bare, lighted from part of the foremost skylight, and furnished only with a table and two settees with movable backs.
He had noticed across the skylight a head in a grey cap.
I am going to climb over you to the roof--I am going to break the skylight, and give him some air
I struck at the skylight, and battered in the cracked, loosened glass at a blow.
A small window with a shutter on each side, and a skylight in the roof, gave it light by, day; and after dark there was a lamp always burning.
Through the engine-room skylight came a sound of hammering.
Duncan puffed at his cigar and waited till his wife's voice, in talk with the cabin-boy, came up through the open skylight.
Evidently there was a skylight which let in light from above.
The skylight above was open, and the prisoner gone.
Here is Bill Jukes, every inch of him tattooed, the same Bill Jukes who got six dozen on the WALRUS from Flint before he would drop the bag of moidores [Portuguese gold pieces]; and Cookson, said to be Black Murphy's brother (but this was never proved), and Gentleman Starkey, once an usher in a public school and still dainty in his ways of killing; and Skylights (Morgan's Skylights); and the Irish bo'sun Smee, an oddly genial man who stabbed, so to speak, without offence, and was the only Non-conformist in Hook's crew; and Noodler, whose hands were fixed on backwards; and Robt.