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a traditional Tibetan funeral ritual in which the corpse is exposed to the open air to be eaten by sacred vultures

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2) A sociologist specializing in Tibetan study, Li An Zai published the book, The Field Study of Tibetan Religious History in the 1930s, which first mentioned the process of sky burials (Li, 1988).
The first case illustrates a "good death" of a terminally ill Tibetan survivor and how her sky burial modeled a cosmology and spirituality of "celebrating death.
In the Tibetan tradition, the final burial ritual is known as the sky burial (2).
Members of the Parsi group are struggling to modify their ancient practice of so-called sky burials, setting out human corpses for the vultures.
Despite pictures of Tibetan sky burials and the aftermath of the massacre at Tiananmen Square, the images are often personal rather than iconic.
The reason it's called a sky burial is because the body is offered to the sky, in the form of being fed to vultures - putting humans back into the life cycle.