sky burial

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a traditional Tibetan funeral ritual in which the corpse is exposed to the open air to be eaten by sacred vultures

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Stripped of the flesh, the bones were deposited inside the cave tombs, a practice distinctly different from the more complete offering of chopped bones and flesh in the ethnically Tibetan practice known as sky burial.
I also read Sky Burial by Xinran after hearing extracts on the radio and it moved me to tears, the story of a woman who never gave up searching for her lost husband.
The reason it's called a sky burial is because the body is offered to the sky, in the form of being fed to vultures - putting humans back into the life cycle.
Wang delves into ethnic tensions, which are a focal point of the crisis, in his new book, Sky Burial - The Fate of Tibet - a non-fiction work focusing on the restive Himalayan region of Tibet.
Later, we visit Nepal where we are witness to a rarely seen sky burial, where the dead are fed to the vultures.
The author describes Tibetan life: sky burials and fire burials, the rites and rituals of Buddhist life in a secluded village high in the Himalayas.
Tibetans traditionally perform sky burials, which involve chopping a body into pieces and leaving it on a platform to be eaten by vultures.