skunk cabbage

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deciduous perennial low-growing fetid swamp plant of eastern North America having minute flowers enclosed in a mottled greenish or purple cowl-shaped spathe

clump-forming deciduous perennial swamp plant of western North America similar to Symplocarpus foetidus but having a yellow spathe

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Wintersweet Mahonia x media 'charity' Lysichiton, American skunk cabbage Daphne Winter honeysuckle
Skunk cabbage is an early bloomer, giving the landscape a green blanket.
With everything in line, I waited as the cow converged on the skunk cabbage marker.
It's a South American species, Xanthosoma robustum, that's related to the dead-horse arum, philodendron, and skunk cabbage.
And take it from a specialist aquatic centre, not some forgotten corner of a sprawling garden centre manned by someone who wouldn't know a pink sensation from a yellow skunk cabbage.
Leeks, skunk cabbage, and wild garlic soon seasoned the beans, bear, rabbit, and venison on colonists' plates.
the Athenians contaminated rivers with skunk cabbage to give their enemies violent diarrhea.
Another wildflower with a distintice smell is Skunk Cabbage.
They grub for beach lovage-a member of the parsley family-and for skunk cabbage.
They have skunk cabbage to forage on and open bowels that have not operated all winter.
Then there is, of course, the American skunk cabbage Lysichiton with its yellow and white spathes in spring followed by bold leaves beneath which nothing else survives.
The Phases of The Tufted Titmouse Moon & the Skunk Cabbage Moon
YOU know you are going to be in for a treat at a nursery and garden that boasts great-sounding plants like American skunk cabbage.
Good skunk cabbage and a worthy schizophragma hydrangeoides.
I'm shooting everything from the grand scale of the Cottonwood Pass and Black Canyon to something as seemingly insignificant as skunk cabbage or a single wildflower.