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It rapidly became clear that at the other end of the line, Michael, who could have skulled 60 pints and be much more sober than our farming friend at Ballybrit, saw a few practical difficulties with this plan.
those thick skulled, crooked shanked, flat footed, long heeled, wooly headed gentlemen, don't seem fit for much else but slavery.
Later that afternoon I saw some of my fellow breakfasters sunning themselves in one of the beautiful fourteenth century Romanesque squares, still in their Ireland jerseys and absolutely skulled with the drink.
Amor banked on a lucky break when a skulled pitch hit the pin and settled to within tap-in distance for the winning par.
mac) ** Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance 3D (12A) Nic Cage returns as Johnny Blaze who, cursed with the powers of the fiery skulled biker, sets out to stop the devil taking human form, possibly that of a young boy.
While chipping on the practice green at Holden Hills, he skulled the ball into the parking lot and lost it.
Journalistic hyperbole described Roseboro as being clubbed, skulled, slugged, smashed, walloped, whacked, battered, belted, bashed, bludgeoned, and beaten, which resulted in his skull or eyebrow or face being "gashed" or "split open.