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emblem warning of danger or death

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New skull and crossbones flags highlighting dog mess at Gosforth Central Park
Council bosses say Anthony Steele's skull and crossbones needs planning permission because, oddly, it is ruled to be "advertising".
His body is covered in ink, including a "POW of HMP" with skull and crossbones on his shoulder plus a faded tat of his London gang, Balham Wildkatz.
Clearly Rob likes to be a little edgy, though, with the Bold Street salon featuring a large skull and crossbones up on the wall.
What name was given to the pirate flag with a skull and crossbones design?
A Thousand Years of Pirates by William Gilkerson is a stunning book--complete with "pirate flag" themed cover in black and silver with skull and crossbones graphic.
McFadden dressed in a black cloak and used a crucifix with a skull and crossbones and an onyx ring, which he claimed gave him power, to terrify the youngster into keeping quiet.
But joyless officers at Stafford refused them planning permission for the skull and crossbones flag.
Dangerous poisons are often labeled with a skull and crossbones.
The new logo consists of a red triangle containing the familiar Three-Winged Bow Tie of Death, as well as a skull and crossbones and a human figure that appears to be either running or doing that dance John Travolta did in "Saturday Night Fever.
Police have identified a silver minivan with a skull and crossbones in the back license plate area as a common vehicle in many of the robberies.
The anonymous pilots purportedly claimed that two Iraqi Airways Boeing jets were "converted to cargo planes by removing the seats," after which special Republican Guard brigades loaded what were described as "yellow barrels with skull and crossbones on each barrel.
Slash from Velvet Revolver was head over heels with his special black Tie Evolution hat featuring a skull and crossbones.
The squadron currently operates eight Super Hornets, and a total of twelve jets will display the Skull and Crossbones once workups begin at the end of 2005.
The additional shapes are decided upon by students, but I discourage them from using the cliche of the skull and crossbones, and challenge them to be more original.