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Synonyms for skulker

someone shirking their duty by feigning illness or incapacity

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someone waiting in concealment

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Afterwards, they dried and combed her beautiful hair, and gave her a pair of enormous slippers, and wheeled her to the fire; and I left her, as merry as she could be, dividing her food between the little dog and Skulker, whose nose she pinched as he ate; and kindling a spark of spirit in the vacant blue eyes of the Lintons - a dim reflection from her own enchanting face.
It's good advice, whichever of you skulkers gave it,' he went on angrily.
That'll be the Day," sings the skulker almost to himself - in remembrance of long mirrors, fairgrounds, movies and the hissing steam of Espresso coffee bars, where he posed for the girls like a ghost by the jukebox.
CLAUDE RAINS is a memorable masked skulker in genuinely operatic version of Gaston Leroux's popular Parisian melodrama.
9) In these circumstances the animal would be more likely to `sit' (the word commonly used when the hare is in its protective `form', `couch', or `seat') and a term invoking its nature as a skulker, lurker, or sitter would be more apposite in context.