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Mr Morton said: "She got fed up with being treated like a skivvy.
Split up by the authorities, Mamie is at first housed in a run down hostel but eventually finds warmth and support in a community house of other refugees, but, taken in by foster parents, Shiku is treated as little more than a skivvy.
Most stars would go to great lengths to hide the fact they have smelly pits and need deodorant, perhaps by sending a skivvy to go and buy it, or even wearing a disguise to the supermarket.
Real have had a chronically disappointing season, but still have so much quality that the England captain is treated as a skivvy, whose main duties are to run around fetching the ball and playing simple passes to the stars so they can shine.
mine,'' admits Atkinson, whose on-screen degradation in the film ``Johnny English'' sinks to even baser depths than the aforementioned skivvy dance.
Banished to a draughty garret, she is made to skivvy for her old schoolmates.
It was an unfortunate marriage to say the least - not only does your new hubby sit around drinking while you hold down a full-time job and skivvy around the home, but his son has jumped on the bandwagon, too.
Now that Sharon has given up work to skivvy for Dorien (Lesley Joseph), Tracey, as sole breadwinner, is left to pay the bills.
I hope that all political persuasions will continue to work together to deliver the promised jobs of value and not just accept the skivvy jobs where it is not cost efficient to bus workers in because the wages are so pitiful.
He was taught no skills and spent the entire time as an unpaid skivvy brushing floors, making the tea and nipping to the local corner shop to buy the other workers smokes and biscuits.
She hires childhood sweetheart and handyman, Andy Cobb (Luke Evans), to oversee repairs whilst encouraging lustful glances from celebrated thriller writer and serial philanderer, Nicholas Hardiment (Roger Allam), who treats his wife Beth (Tamsin Greig) like a skivvy and is ill-suited to the rural setting.
But her Mum is worried about losing her free skivvy and the ear for her constant moaning.
Last month she had a strop, bellowed she was sick of being everyone's skivvy, then told Number One Son he could either tidy his room or live in a pigsty.
Sent to live with and skivvy for an aunt, she has to endure the attentions of a lecherous cousin until she leaps into marriage with a wealthy but cruel old man.
You came here as a skivvy and that's what you'll stay.