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Skiver, formally a senior vice president and western area sales leader stated, "We've had a fantastic run here at GCP and I very much look forward to contributing to the firm's growth and profitability.
Another type pointed out by the expert is the worker bee, who is the first to arrive and last to leave the office, not to mention the skiver who only seems to be in at the most inconvenient time.
Rather than tell consumers, we show them the authentic, awesome experience," said Jeremy Skiver, chief executive officer, Skiver Advertising.
The Tories, who like to portray themselves as the party of hard-working families - that's the strivers, not the skivers - were successful last week in moves to limit rises in benefit payments to one per cent.
With both rebates, Skiver said, the company should be able to see a payback in four years.
Whether you're forming six-or eight-point crimps, the skiver is a handy tool to have on the bench.
Cathy Skiver, an 59-year-old retired school teacher and grandmother of seven from Wheelersburg, Ohio, has opened CollegeSaver accounts for four of her six granddaughters, all of whom are under the age of six, and plans to open another account for her seventh grandchild and first grandson, born December 2009.
We had an Oscar's type theme to the event and we presented 12 awards, including the biggest drinker award, the biggest skiver award and the biggest flirt
The millionaire ginger top revealed himself to be an unsubtle skiver as he was photographed by the tabloid newspapers wandering around pubs with a young Billie Piper.
Darlington favourites SKIVER will be on the bill playing their anthemic indie pop alongside the ever so quirky SHRUG who are fronted by our own intrepid live review man Robert Nichols.
Harry Smith gives an endearing performance as Wilde's amiable skiver, Algy Moncrieff, explaining his invented alibi, the ailing relative Bunbury, to friend Jack (Laurence Aldridge) who was abandoned in a handbag as a baby.
IT'S not hard to work out why the Newcastle players have nicknamed Marcelino"The Spanish Skiver.
NORWICH 1 AFTER the nutter with the putter came the skiver with the driver.
BEAST: Sick Tobin, left, killed Vicki in 1991 PAY recycles father-in-law birthday party pagE 3 Skiver Tobin's bid for more p r is ANGRY: Michael Hamilton
Lead singer Jonny has a strong, powerful voice and his onstage banter with bandmate Dave only made for an even more entertaining evening, helped also thanks to support from Mosaics and Darlington-based Lifetime Skiver.