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Synonyms for skit

Synonyms for skit

a short theatrical piece within a larger production


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a short theatrical episode

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All these fitness fanatics skiting about the streets buff-naked except for a diver's watch and a set of underwear, eh, getting all worked up because they lose a millisecond through keeping time at some bloody red light.
Apparently the guy driving hit a wave the wrong way, knocking him out the boat which then turned and went skiting 20 yards up the shore.
Then there's all the terrorists skiting about Britain who the Home Secretary wants to lock up in their homes without all the pesky palaver of evidence, charges, courts and judges.
I thought it'd be a leaf or something, so I moved my foot and this huge, shiny cockroach came skiting out across the patio.
And then there's the ESP (Electronic Stability Programme), which helps stop you skiting about when the going gets tough.
What would it be like skiting around in a Legend, which is a superbike with a couple of wheels thrown in?