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Synonyms for skit

Synonyms for skit

a short theatrical piece within a larger production


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a short theatrical episode

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The idea should be fresh and innovative copied skits will be disqualified.
From his opening monologue to his recorded skits, the 27-year-old "Best I Ever Had" singer poked fun at headliners in the show, including Donald Sterling's racism scandal, Johnny Manziel's texts and Lance Stephenson's ear-blowing incident with LeBron James.
The beginning, to be honest, has uninteresting moments and there were a couple of skits that felt unimaginative.
CUTLINE: (1) Javier Dobles, Hugo Barberis, Isaac Bilsel, CJ Ward, Kevin Rissmiller, Morgan O'Brien and Rylie Butman practice the introduction to their Destination ImagiNation skit.
Woodland believes that even amateur comedy skits can have a professional "polish.
wrapped up a series of events addressing youth dating violence on February 28 with skits and a panel discussion at the International Civil Rights Museum.
Sunday's skit would have featured Ben Stiller as a bumbling translator.
In that time, each group must make up a play using its skit title and any of the items from its basket.
The five-minute group skits, "created on the fly," were especially impressive, she said, noting that one skit featureda student's visit to the doctor for advice about a sexually transmitted disease.
To make this distinction clearer, I created a short classroom skit that helps the students better visualize resistance development.
Instruct the groups to develop a short skit with the focus being "say no to drugs".
contemporary service when she presented a skit last year.
Dac won its breach of a manufacturing contract lawsuit against its former manufacturers, Skit International Ltd and Uni-Skit Technologies Inc.
After 15 minutes, each team will perform a skit in front of the class enacting their chosen example.