skirting board

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a molding covering the joint formed by a wall and the floor

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We wanted a agstone oor which is traditional, and the furnace and central heating which runs along the skirting board all helps to limit our footprint.
A RED hot log burner threw off so much heat in a terraced home that it melted off plaster and scorched skirting boards - in a house next door.
HOT CROSS BUNNY: Beatrix and (below) with Teressa Pictures: CATERS; ROGUE: Beatrix & skirting board damage
The plasterboard must be secured and the joints made good, electrical fittings need to be reconnected, the skirting board refitted and finally the room redecorated.
I THOUGHT the house that I'm renovating was coming on nicely until I tried to put on skirting boards the other day - Handy Andy if you're reading this, your job is officially safe
He was carrying a 5ft piece of white wood from a skirting board, contorting his face and shouting at people further up the street, Teesside Crown Court heard.
Tony said: "We think the ring may have rolled under a skirting board.
The paper stops the caulk falling behind the skirting board, or you can use thin strips of plywos od.
A I would simply stuff some newspaper into the holes in the skirting board so it's behind the surface of the board and then fill over with Carlite Bonding Plaster and leave until it's dry.
The disadvantage is that you'll have a double thickness of tiles, which can be tricky around electrical sockets and at skirting board and ceiling levels.
To start, measure the total length of the room that the skirting board will cover and then add 20% to make certain you have enough and to allow for contingencies.
To avoid getting paint on the carpet when youOre painting the skirting board, take an old birthday card and press it on the carpet where youOre painting.
Flooring linoleum,- Skirting board made of linoleum,- Clean-off zone Suede coconut,- Wooden staircase with metal-UK 2 gradients.
If they were unable to separate reality from fiction, they'd be forever watching the hole in the skirting board for a small mouse intent on committing a serious assault with a frying pan.
It's essential to sand thoroughly before painting - use an electric sander for the flat part of the skirting board and then sandpaper where the sander can't reach (have two or three different grades of sandpaper to hand).