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someone who skirmishes (e

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The nomad, the miner, the servant, the peasant and the artisan, the grant holder, the skirmisher / and all the white workers within the fraternal fight .
Like any good guerrilla skirmisher, Palin converted her drawbacks into strengths.
Caledonia, built in 1925, has Cunard's tender Skirmisher alongside (Anchor being a Cunard subsidiary), anchored off Liverpool Pier Head 74 years ago on New Year's Day, 1935.
Traditionally, owners, who winter boats at the village's Skirmisher car park, took down the 30ft to 35ft masts when boats were lifted out of the water every October.
As a three-year-old in 1857 he beat Ascot Gold Cup winner Skirmisher by a head
PEMBROKESHIRE: The TS Skirmisher building in Lower Fishguard will receive pounds 4,800 and The Oratory Building at St Mary's Church, Carew will get pounds 7,250 in CADW grants for preservation work.
Here she is on New Year's Day, January 1, 1935, anchored in the Mersey with Cunard Line's tender, Skirmisher, alongside.
As a three-year-old in 1857, he beat Ascot Gold Cup winner Skirmisher by a head.
Another centre to benefit will be the Training Ship Skirmisher in Lower Fishguard, Pembrokeshire.
A spotter, who was one of the platoon's riflemen, assisted this conscript sniper or skirmisher.
Large crowds lined both banks of the river and 2,000 children were taken aboard the tenders Alert, Magnetic, Skirmisher and Vigilant to view the spectacle.
A knight, for example, required "a team of half a dozen men," including a mounted scout and skirmishers, known as a "lance," and in the fourteenth century the French knight adopted highly ornamented plate armor and chose to fight dismounted, "partly out of considerations of pure gallantry" (Howard 3, 12).
A line of skirmishers advanced 55 metres in front of the main body of two platoons, advancing in line.
Public Diplomacy with its light funding, its light arms, are rather the scouts and skirmishers that move ahead of the infantry.