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a length of rope (usually with handles on each end) that is swung around while someone jumps over it

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22 ( ANI ): If you are looking for an uncomplicated full-body workout, which literally takes minutes, then the skipping rope is your best friend.
They claim another young boy strangled him with the skipping rope, but the school insists that the incident was 'an accident.
Both group were pre examined in order to measure first heart beat in perfectly rest time (at 8 (AM) oclock and after 15minutes resting in sitting situation) and then experimental group to measure body copositions performed skipping rope exercises which was included warm up for 3 minutes, skipping rope for 17 minutes with 3 times rest that take time 1 minute and activity intensity was 30 cycles in first week, 40 cycles in second week, 50 in third and 60 cycles in fourth.
SKIP TO IT THE humble skipping rope - a simple invention but one that certainly kept us entertained for hours as schoolgirls.
She was seven on Christmas Eve and her gran bought her a skipping rope and within 20 or 30 minutes she had taught herself to skip.
Summary: Usain Bolt has lashed out at Olympic organisers for imposing excessive red tape after he was banned from taking his skipping rope into the athletes' village.
The outlet also offers goods for home workout sessions such as exercise mats, stepping platforms, skipping rope and inflatable balls as well as state-of-the-art gym and fitness equipment.
Then do a little bopping around, whether it's jumping jacks or skipping rope.
Some of the basic tools recommended by experts include the good old skipping rope for fat burning, and some hand weights, resistance bands and a stability ball for strength training.
PLUS 500 fans will each get a "lucky dip" prize such as HSM basketball, skipping rope, sunglasses, towel or sweatband.
While Sainsbury's customers had to spend 240 [pounds sterling] to earn the cheapest product, a durable plastic skipping rope, Tesco generously gave shoppers an old-style wooden-handled skipping rope in return for 160 [pounds sterling] worth of shopping.
The three-hour tape includes 12 minutes of footage showing Bronson wielding a spear and leading educational officer Phil Danielson around like a dog with a skipping rope.
A ten-year-old Birmingham boy keen on fitness died in a tragic accident in his bedroom involving a skipping rope, a city inquest heard yesterday.
Using watercolour drawings of children skipping rope and riding their bikes against the scrolling background of a suburban development complex, Our Town initially seems like a playful caricature of childhood innocence.
His entrance, as though skipping rope, recalled Todd Bolender's Percussion solo in Robbins's Fanfare, and the use of a hat as a symbol of contact recalled Tharp's Push Comes to Shove, but the sequence of brief dances was deftly constructed.