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Synonyms for skipper

a student who fails to attend classes

an officer who is licensed to command a merchant ship

work as the skipper on a vessel

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References in classic literature ?
An' thus 'ull be the loddie," the skipper said, reaching out a hesitant hand to the child's cheek.
The skipper straightened up, and to conceal the pang at his heart he drew out his watch and looked at it.
The skipper chuckled at the joke, and his tired blue eyes were merry for the moment.
Long Jack stood it in silence for a time, - an angry skipper makes an unhappy crew, - and then he spoke across the table after supper:
It's plumb mortifyin' to all my feelin's," the skipper went on.
Why, o' course it was so," said Salters, "you bein' skipper here; an' I'd cheerful hev stopped on a hint - not from any leadin' or conviction, but fer the sake o' bearin' an example to these two blame boys of aours.
That's fwhat Steyning of Steyning and Hare's f'und when he sent Counahan fer skipper on the Manila D.
Our brave skipper was missing, as were eight others.
Only losing the skipper," he added, "was the worst.
Powell, they aren't ready, worse luck," says that skipper.
Upon this the fine-looking skipper gave signs of distress.
But the skipper, after he had talked for a while with Mr.
But that bothered skipper turns upon me again as though he wanted to snap my head off.
It suddenly dawned upon me that the innocent skipper of the Ferndale had taken it for granted that I was a relative of the Shipping Master
Skipper says he was a recreational user of cocaine but had been the victim of an extortion threat from someone who sold him the drug.