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Synonyms for skipjack

oceanic schooling tuna of considerable value in Pacific but less in Atlantic

medium-sized tuna-like food fish of warm Atlantic and Pacific waters

able to right itself when on its back by flipping into the air with a clicking sound

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McDonald's MSC certified skipjack tuna is being caught in the waters of PNA nations in the Western Central Pacific Ocean.
Limited information on the vertical movements of skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) is available from analyses of catch data for tuna longline gear (Yabe et al.
Skipjack is one of the most prolific tuna species, and skipjack tuna fisheries are generally in good health throughout the world.
Most tuna species are not endangered; however, commercial farming of skipjack and yellowfin has begun.
They manned lines attached to the hang baits - small skipjack tuna attached to floats - to bring the sharks within viewing distance.
The 11 products to be exempted from duties are turpentine gum, tuna and skipjack, prepared or preserved snails, copper ores and concentrates, sorbitol four types of plywood sheets, rattan or palm leaf articles, and contact lenses.
Separately, officials of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party's Fisheries Division recommended Tuesday the government carry out investigations into imports of eels, wakame seaweed and skipjack with an eye to invoking the safeguard measures.
In June, the US National Security Agency declassified KEA and Skipjack (CI No 3,439).
Commercial fishing for tropical tunas (yellowfin, Thunnus albacares; skipjack, Katsuwonus pelamis; and bigeye, T.
It takes a "magical" tree to make a skipjack seaworthy.
To help allay fears that the secret algorithm, known as SKIPJACK, may contain a loophole or exhibit some other kind of weakness that could undermine the system, NSA gave five cryptography experts a chance to assess the algorithm's quality.
CRE Secure's solution is a great fit for our merchants," said Brad Hoeweler, President of Skipjack.
Aramark to purchase only sustainably sourced canned skipjack and albacore tuna in the U.
Contractor address : 30048 SKIPJACK DR CANYON LAKE CA 92587