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Synonyms for skintight

so tight as to cling to the skin


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HAUTE NIGHT: Donatella Versace poured herself into a skintight golden gown, lit a cigarette and reigned supreme over an incredible array of the uber famous when she received, along with late brother Gianni, the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Award last week.
Steven Gerrard's fiancee Alex Curran, who gave birth only last month, also squeezed into skintight jeans.
SkinTight 3-packs with screen protection are now available for both the Sirius S50 (Sirius Radio) and the MyFi (XM Radio), and retail at $34.
When he shed the jacket to reveal a skintight black T-shirt, the contrast of the white pants contributed to the notion that Ortega's upper torso has a mind of its own: He unleashed serpentine jumps while commanding attention with compelling armwork and the cock of his head.
Behind him lies one of the century's scariest female nudes, in harsh profile, dark-haired, hawknosed, her facial scar providing a kind of slant rhyme to the laced-up front of the artist's skintight shirt.
He is captured in the exhibition through designer Leon Bakst's rendering of Nijinsky's skintight costume from L'Apres-midi d'un faune (The Afternoon of a Faun).
Featured on the CD cover of the album, Skintight Blues: First Peoples' Blues Compilation, is a beefy-faced, barrel-chested guy blowing on a saxophone, with a string of colorful beads flowing from him like musical notes.
The new Holder adjusts in width to accommodate silicone/skin type and other encased iPods such as DLO Jam Jacket, iSkin eVo series, Power Support Silicone Jacket, Speck SkinTight, XtremeMac Silicone Sleeve, and other cases.
Rihanna, who wore skintight PVC trosers and a rauchy basque, clutched crooner Chris' hand throughout the duet before going on to perform tracks from her Good Girl Gone Bad album.
SEXY Kylie did her bit for world peace when she poured herself into a skintight leather dress for Tuesday's Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo.
Keys admits that the role wasn't the most comfortable acting job she could have chosen, and not just because of the thigh-high boots and skintight hotpants.
The new line includes three new cases: SkinTight rubberized cases with holsters, SeeThru translucent hard case 3-Packs, and the adorable Cloud Funskin -- a rubberized fluffy white cloud-shaped case.
In a series of five large C-prints, each titled Skinned, 2002, Olofsson appears with her back to the camera, wearing a skintight, flesh-colored shirt, under which a pair of hands gropes her--her shoulders, her arms, and so on.
Musician Norm Gary sports the latest in risque fashion: a skintight hooded robe of swarming honeybees.