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lacking funds

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Oli Lmpso "Why on earth was a skint single mother even voting Tory in the first place?
To its eternal shame, Skint is a reflection of its arrogant complacency, disinterest, and certainty of the loyalty of the people of Merthyr.
Ofcom confirmed it received two complaints about the first episode of the show, one claimed that Skint "tarnished the reputation of Merthyr Tydfil" and another complained about racism against Polish people.
He opposed filming of Skint in his Grimsby constituency, but yesterday C4 defended the programme.
Berkshire-based Brewer has set Skint some pretty formidable challenges, both over fences and over hurdles, for which he is rated 7lb lower.
Pennine Housing 2000 has been handed pounds 600,000 to run the Sick Of Being Skint project.
If our country is so skint, why are we lavishly spending on the Royal wedding, the Queen's diamond jubilee next year and the Olympic Games, not to mention attacking Libya and giving enormous sums to other countries such as India and Pakistan.
The only reason why Oasis will come back is when we're f**king skint (broke).
03 in running, but make allowance for the 7lb claimer Mr J Bewley on Carlisle runner-up Teerie Express; If you have to seek help from Ocean Finance after the endless flow of losers; Yours is the Earth and everything that's free in it; And - what is more - you'll end up skint, my son
As a young man I was told that even if you are skint just make sure you don't look skint and I've always followed that spirit of advice.
On Channel 4's Skint, which is being filmed in Merthyr Tydfil, Rachel showed pictures of the day younger sister Joanne had Harper and the last picture she took of Joanne outside Wilkinsons in the town, which she keeps on her phone.
A few more might recently have got to know the place through the latest bit of poverty porn to hit our screens - Channel 4's Skint.
If you're skint, before you buy anything ask yourself: "Do I need it?
SKINT C4 9pm The East Marsh area of Grimsby is one of Britain's most deprived areas.
Locals in Grimsby, Lincs, are outraged they are the target of the controversial show Skint, which looks at how the jobless survive.