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a naked swim

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bathe in the nude

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Organisers of the event said their challenge had to be verified by Guinness but they believe they have smashed the previous record of 250 skinny-dippers.
And compared to the bathhouse patrons of the emergent gay subculture that Charles Demuth recorded in the 1910's, the swimmers in Eakins seem almost (emphasis on almost) as innocent as Norman Rock-well's skinny-dippers.
In years past, the three sister falls along the McCloud River were off-limits, reachable only by anglers and skinny-dippers who dared to sneak across private timberlands.
The British Naturism member has already secured a slot at Lampeter swimming pool, but needs like-minded skinny-dippers to help make up the numbers.
Ireland is the only EC country which doesn't encourage skinny-dippers, and Frank is determined to change that.
Trouble starts brewing in the form of two skinny-dippers who are boiled alive in a local hot spring and animals and vegetation that are killed by leaking gasses, but when Harry calls a meeting to warn of impending danger, his boss Paul (Charles Hallahan) steps in to reprimand him and minimize local leaders' concern.
The Republic is the only EU country that still outlaws skinny-dippers.
You have to keep your kit on here but skinny-dippers can paddle around to the nude beach at Little Magens.