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Synonyms for skinniness

the bodily property of lacking flesh

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American critics commonly attack Barbie for setting abnormal skinniness as a beauty standard and for suggesting that clothing is a topic that should dominate girls' concerns.
We may have had a kind of unfair advantage," said Confer, referring to the lack of, uh, skinniness amongst her squad.
There's no denying Lohan has lost weight since Herbie: Fully Loaded was made, and many have cited her parents' marriage breakdown as the main cause of her skinniness.
While Nicole's pared back look is revealing her advancing years, Sophie's skinniness is showing that a 5ft 11in frame probably doesn't suit the kind of size favoured by shoppers at Kookai and Karen Millen.
The affectionate gross-out of these distressingly opulent icons was mirrored and reversed in Venice Witch, a bronze stick figure clad in Stevie Nicks beads and roller skates, her clawlike labia and long-nippled dugs, pursed lips and gnarled hands the only modulations to her crazed skinniness.
Skinniness is a contemporary ideal in Japan, as until the mid-twentieth century, "robustness as a sign of productivity and fertility" were favoured (174).
Jennifer Lopez and Madonna were popular choices so it's heartening to know you have healthy-looking role models rather than chasing Calista Flockhart-style skinniness.
WITH all the world looking at her, Victoria Beckham carries on wearing figure- hugging outfits which dramatise her skinniness.
Even under his full-length sleeves, the skinniness of his arms could be sensed.
Furthermore the skinniness and shortness of the new antenna allows unobtrusive placement in public areas, with ruggedness against the elements and low wind resistance, within a people-pleasing radome.
Skinniness is an epidemic among female celebrities and it shows no signs of dying down.
This extreme skinniness, uneven height and sparse packing transforms the forest into a sponge that soaks up light.
Nigella, 47, says: "I've never been with a man who thinks that skinniness is desirable, which helps.