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Synonyms for skinniness

the bodily property of lacking flesh

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Of Reagan's youthful desire to make the football squad despite his skinniness, he writes: "A good thing he was scrawny, or he would never have acquired the character it took to be strong.
Reinforcing the narrative's construction of starvation signifying emotional control, Giselle's creature also polices her physicality by reminding her of the strength skinniness is meant to embody.
The first thing that occurred to me, as my thoughts finally started to settle, was to pull out those orange trunks from the bottom of my duffel bag, and I walked across half of the FOB in all my gleaming white, sweat-rash pimpled skinniness wearing just that gaudy bathing suit and flip flops, black blood drying all over my cheeks and neck.
Kelly is super-confident about her looks and is a natural beauty with a healthy figure - which is more than can be said for Ms Price with her Barbie-like skinniness and surgical enhancements.
However the magazine wants to have it all: the glamour of skinniness as well as the animalistic pleasures of letting rip into a takeaway pizza.
The guide stresses the notion that the so-called perfect body, and the emphasis on skinniness, is a "socially and culturally constructed ideal".
My grandfather and a few relatives pinned my skinniness to not eating enough and wondered how often I skipped meals.
During the summer break, I went to Taiwan and my cousins and aunts let me in on a new fad that was the secret behind their skinniness.
This story turns on an image of the actress Cate Blanchett, a star famous for her pale white skin who, caught in an off-guard pose during her extreme weight loss to play Bob Dylan in the movie I'm Not There, and dressed in a rather baroque gold brocade gown, is presented in a way that goes beyond the familiar visual imagery of skinniness to become otherworldly.
Likewise, weight is strictly monitored, skinniness being as much of a firing offence as corpulence.
But to me she's walking a dangerous line between kooky and celebrating super, super skinniness.
We also find that amongst women groups the ideal BMI category is characterised by normal low weight, where we can see a non-statically significant increase in the desire for an increasingly slimmer body as age increases; these findings are similar to Herrero and Vina (2005) and indicate that the current aesthetic model for women, characterised by skinniness, is internalised early on, before the age of 10, and remains throughout adolescence.
Contributing editor Joan Nathan has the skinny on French-Jewish cooking, though skinniness is perhaps the last thing reading it will lead to.
At the same time, Sinatra's legendary skinniness in the first two decades of his career suggest a fragility that Crosby's stocky frame clearly lacks.