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alert agile lizard with reduced limbs and an elongated body covered with shiny scales

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Little is known about this elusive skink but is thought that they live in family groups, hiding in burrows dug under rocks and vegetation where females give birth to live young.
Malley's cryptic cell phone clues lead Skink and Richard into some tenuous situations that enable the reader to see Richard's character grow.
The Cape Melville Shade Skink is also restricted to moist rocky rainforest on the plateau, and is highly distinct from its relatives, which are found in rainforests to the south.
Living off the land, roadkill included, Skink deals out his own brand of eco-vigilante justice to anyone he thinks is messing up Florida's great natural places, notably the Everglades.
Exotic creatures such as the Northern Spiny-tailed Gecko, the Rainbow Skink and the Burton's Snake-Lizard are brought to life by the amusing poetry, which gives each creature its own personality and reveals some interesting facts about its life and habits.
The school's menagerie includes veiled chameleons, panther chameleons, high casgue chameleons, tiger crested geckos chinchillas, hamsters, hosefield tortoises, leopard geckos, day geckos, chickens, berber skink, locusts, crickets and giant chongololos (millipedes)
The littoral skink, Etnoia atrocostata (Lesson 1830) is widely distributed in Oceania and occurs in southern parts of Taiwan (Ota 1998) the Philippines, parts of the Malay Peninsula, Caroline Islands, Indonesia, New Guinea, Cape York in northern Australia, Solomon Islands and Mariana Islands (Brown 1991).
But for a species of skink native to North Africa and Southwest Asia, sand isn't something to walk on--it's something to swim through.
Little Skink eludes danger from a hungry crow and makes a narrow escape with the snap of her tail in this entertaining picture book.
Ethan Foust-Tsui, 6 (above), gets a face-to-face visit from a Blue Tongue Skink, one of many reptiles to visit the Springfield Public Library on Tuesday afternoon.
But spare a thought for the rare Australian shingleback skink lizard.
With smooth, shiny scales that are typical of all skinks, the five-lined skink gets its name from the five light-yellow or whitish stripes that run lengthwise along its body, eventually fading on the tail.
At first, he comes off as a Southern-gothic eccentric straight out of the mind of Faulkner or Capote--a boy "who spends most of his time watching his blue-tailed skink eat wasp larvae.