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a young person who belongs to a British or American group that shave their heads and gather at rock concerts or engage in white supremacist demonstrations

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12) But as the subculture moves along the temporal plane, going through successive stages--as, for example, in the skinhead "revival" of the late-1970s--the original form and content can be pulled apart, giving rise to new configurations.
The piece, which took up almost an entire issue of the magazine, was provoked by an event that had taken place two years earlier: Three skinheads in Portland had beaten an Ethiopian man to death with a baseball bat during a street brawl.
Fortunately, most skinhead groups are not well organized and lack the leadership structure found in the majority of street gangs engaged in "for-profit" criminal activities.
The Japanese Embassy in Moscow also issued a warning Monday to Japanese nationals staying in Russia, saying an individual identifying himself as a representative of the Russian skinhead group sent an e-mail to the embassy about a plan to kill foreigners in commemoration of Adolf Hitler's birthday Saturday.
There, the issue becomes a lot more complex because as we know, the Internet erases borders, both national and international, and it could very well be that the New Jersey skinhead or the "Charlemagne" neo-Nazi skinheads in France or a group in Germany may land up inspiring an individual half-way across the globe.
l I was a 17-year-old skinhead in August 1971, and a member of the John Bulls gang, which Tom mentioned, and I recall how I got caught up in the street war between the Bulls and the Green Jackets which erupted at Anfield, where Man United had beaten Arsenal 3-1.
The second man was black, about 5ft tall, of stocky build and in his early 30s, with a skinhead and pony tail.
8 ( ANI ): Many of the tattoos on Wade Michael Page, who was killed after gunning down six people at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, contained specific racist codes and hidden symbols that showed his commitment to White Supremacist beliefs and to a skinhead group.
This work examines the skinhead subculture in the post-industrial city of Vorkuta, Russia.
By chance, he forges a friendship with skinhead rebel Woody (Joe Gilgun) and his merry band of misfits, including Milky (Andrew Shim) and Boy George fan Smell (Rosamund Hanson).
Things take a turn for the worse when brutal skinhead Combo (Graham) arrives on the scene and is more interested in racism than music.
Also on the card: "Steel Toes," a tense drama starring David Strathairn ("Good Night, and Good Luck") as a Jewish attorney defending a skinhead (Andrew Walker) accused of murder.
However, with its knockout lead perfs and taut if slightly familiar construction, this '80s-set dramedy about a skinhead gang reps Meadows' most fluently made film so far.