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a young person who belongs to a British or American group that shave their heads and gather at rock concerts or engage in white supremacist demonstrations

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Marshall (1994, 1997) suggests there are three main skinhead groups, Traditional, SHARP (SkinHeads Against Racial Prejudice), and neo-Nazi skinheads.
Martens decided to launch the Spirit of '69 line, a capsule collection inspired by the skinhead uniform, the brand went straight to the source, reviving the classic look with a perfectionist's accuracy and enlisting Watson to shoot the lookbook.
In his memoir "Romantic Violence: Memoirs of an American Skinhead," Chicago author and former right wing extremist Christian Picciolini shows readers how a well-loved fourteen-year-old kid from an immigrant Italian family became a leader of the early American racist skinhead movement.
However, the band, led by neo-Nazi skinhead Ian Stuart Donaldson, soon evolved to become one of the most prominent white power punk bands in the world.
The second man is black, about 5ft tall, of stocky build and in his early 30s, with a skinhead and pony tail.
Picciolini also became the director of the Northern Hammerskins, a white skinhead group dedicated to promoting the Aryan race.
Approximately a dozen white supremacists, including four skinheads carrying Nazi swastika flags, gathered on the other side.
A sweep of skinhead lairs throughout the Inland Empire on Monday twice took sheriff's deputies to maternity wards where pregnant women were trying to bear babies on Adolf Hitler's birthday.
SWISS police were last night investigating an alleged skinhead assault on a pregnant Brazilian woman that caused her to miscarry twins and left her scarred with the initials of Switzerland's main right-wing party.
The reason I ask is because apparently there's a new range of avant-garde perfumes coming out, one of which is said to emulate "the smell of skinhead violence".
The comedy is on a list of forbidden films at Glasgow cinemas alongside The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, skinhead flick Romper Stomper starring Russell Crowe and Ken Russell's erotic movie The Devils with Oliver Reed.
There is a man with a skinhead and a horrible face putting money in a machine.
This cohesion makes it difficult for police to try to break down a wall of silence when combating skinhead hate crimes.
Reading, whose nickname is fittingly the Royals, also have the fewest skinhead fans and they prefer a cultural weekend away in Europe over a trip to Butlins.
One of my first shows was MDC in Santa Cruz, and a bunch of skinheads came and beat up the singer for that skinhead song.