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a quantity of alcoholic drink sufficient to make you drunk

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Going out and skinful, yourselves getting "You accept that you kicked," he said.
He said: "I saw an old pal of mine in Glasgow recently and he'd had quite a skinful.
Surely there is not a greater incentive to nod off, other than a skinful of booze, than a full belly and a comfortable chair in a warm environment.
You don't have to screw around and have a skinful of tattoos to get attention.
They frequently had a skinful and Melville would come home hoarse from singing, an aspect of his life that was quite different from his activities with the new people in the art-lark.
limp-wristed ministerial drivel - particularly when it comes from a government which cheerfully introduced 24-hour drinking to natives used to getting a skinful by the second bell at 11.
He actually looked gorgeous and after a skinful we all quite fancied her, er him
If a skinful induces a bit of permanent amnesia relating to the economy so much the better.
There was the skinful I had drunk after arrival the night before and was now paying for a second time.
They don't have to gulp down a skinful by closing time.
In fact, the more skinful and devious its practitioners become, the greater the difficulty of assessing their success.
Walshaw had earlier been drinking cider with Mr Secker at his home in Mountain Crescent, Thornhill, and when they were joined by a third man he described them both as "having had a skinful.
In a masterpiece of planning, we chose a York races day, leaving us jostling for space in the three-coach train with ladies in their finery and suited and booted lads ready for a skinful and a flutter (in that order).
Instead it rained sideways and we spent the night in bunk beds in a skanky youth hostel dorm with a bunch of snoring, farting 18-year-old backpackers who all had their white German bum cheeks on display after a skinful.
Stop promoting the attitude that they are students, now a special section of society, who are expected and allowed the right to be a drunken idiot, wake families up at all hours, lose the ability to have a conversation without screaming at one another and cause property damage on their way home from getting a good skinful, because that is what a student does.