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so tight as to cling to the skin


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Do you really want girls to wear skin-tight trousers?
They may look flashy in their lovely skin-tight clothes but many seem to have the road sense of a three-year-old.
The Umbrella singer had the show all tied up at the 02 Arena in a skin-tight shiny PVC suit and thigh-high boots featuring saucy laces, zips and buckles.
In place of her usual skin-tight dresses and oversized sunglasses, Beckham is dressed in a delicate, handpainted tulle gown by Dolce & Gabbana.
I was the vamp in Souvenirs, with a skin-tight dress and slinking all about--a marvelous role.
The new Wales rugby kit has been unveiled - but has already been criticised for its cost and skin-tight design.
The colorful mash-up had the blonde pop star in skin-tight gear, appearing winded while making aerobics moves with backup dancers in tow.
And this was before feminist nuns doing liturgical dance in skin-tight leotards.
Teflon[R] coated ultraviolet germicidal fluorescent lamps feature a skin-tight safety coating that protects products and employees from glass shards, gases and other lamp elements if a lamp is broken or dropped.
In the 30 years since, he has explored everything from skin-tight swimwear to the effects of hypnosis on athletes.
And they gaped at her skin-tight hot-pants and brief crop-top, described by Serena herself as the Wonder Woman outfit.
This 500-kilo wall of rippling muscle, snorting snot and curved horns plows toward the diminutive man dressed in a bright white traje de luces, a skin-tight costume festooned with silk and sequins and virtually unchanged since the 17th century.
Sports fans are getting used to seeing elite athletes competing in skin-tight suits but the sight of two men in body-fitting clothing lying on top of each other careering down an icy course can be unsettling.
Fighting weight--(complete with 40-Long, skin-tight Hunka-Hunka-Burnin' black leather jumpsuit)--and deliver Him, personally--into the arms of an adoring, grateful, reconciled
Lots of cleavage filled skin-tight gowns and the packed tent at the Hyatt Sarasota for United Cerebral Palsy's fund-raiser, the Bachelor Ball 2000.