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Synonyms for skin-deep

Synonyms for skin-deep

lacking in intellectual depth or thoroughness

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penetrating no deeper than the skin: "her beauty is only skin-deep"

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The leper may have been healed only skin-deep, remaining isolated by her dependence on wine even though she returned to the bosom of her family.
SKIN-DEEP KNOWLEDGE: Learn about the latest treatments in skin cancer at an Israel Cancer Research Fund event at 7 p.
The Body Shop is launching Beauty With Heart next month, a new movement which emphasises that beauty is more than skin-deep and empowers people across the world to Look Good, Feel Good and Do Good.
His love for his three grandchildren has always been more than skin-deep.
Regardless of whether or not you agree with Jencks' proposition (which states that for every additional ten floors added to a skyscraper, the design becomes twice as tedious), as the first truly sky-scraping tower built in the City since 1979, this building cannot be accused of being a monotonous skin-deep icon.
the latest network game show to put a premium on skin-deep analysis.
Certainly this would have been the case had Jufo been treated as a stage-set in the manner of many post-modern entertainment buildings and roadside cafeterias, where the image is skin-deep and the joints in the plastic cladding all too painfully evident.
Any resemblance he bears to the pitcher who won the 1993 Cy Young Award is merely skin-deep.
In the production I saw, Shano Palovich, Kim Lankford, Jill Whelan and Marla Rubinoff brought heart and credibility to roles that initially seem only skin-deep.