skin cell

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any of the cells making up the skin

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Ceramides are the hormones required to maintain moisture in the skin cells.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Patterns appearing on both the very large and very small scale are extremely rare, but researchers have found a similar pattern in two apparently unrelated systems -- skin cells and fairy circles in the Namibian desert.
That pathway ensures an increased proliferation and a quicker migration of skin cells, processes which typically facilitate wound healing.
A combination of two key ingredients, teprenone and caprylic acid, has been clinically demonstrated to extend skin cell life span and maintain moisture to promote youthful looking skin.
A team in Detroit transferred healthy skin cells to 32 patients who had areas of the body that had lost colour due to the condition.
Aiding the body in a more restful night's sleep, skin cells are allowed to perform optimal rejuvenation during the night while the body is relaxed.
Developing skin cells migrating out from this region might be highly vulnerable to cancer, the researchers believe.
What happens when a skin cell turns into a totipotent stem cell [a cell capable of developing into a complete organism] is that a few of its genetic switches are turned on and others turned off," writes bioethicist Julian Savulescu in the April 1999 issue of the Journal of Medical Ethics.
Scientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine have now shown that skin cells can be coaxed to behave like muscle cells -- and muscle cells like skin cells -- solely by altering who they hang out with: the relative levels of the ingredients inside the cell.
Scientists have previously shown that the insertion of between four and seven genetic factors can result in a skin cell being directly reprogrammed into a beating heart cell," explained Dr.
To induce a skin cell into pluripotency - a state that mimics the multi-functional embryonic stem cells - scientists shuttled a combination of four genes into the cell with the help of a retrovirus.
In simultaneous announcements yesterday scientists in Japan and America said they had discovered how to take an ordinary skin cell - and transform it into any other kind of human body cell
Unlike the typical ointments and creams that line the shelves of local pharmacies, this patent-pending laser technology gently stimulates the skin repair process from within the skin cell rather than from the surface of the skin.
Writing in the August 25 issue of Cell, Japanese researchers announced they have successfully modified a mouse skin cell into an embryonic-like stem cell, according to Yomiuri Shimbun.