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remove from the surface

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COMPANIES that skim off workers' pensions were warned by the Ombudsman yesterday: "Own up or I will come and get you.
Skim off floating weeds, such as duckweed, with a net, rake, scoop or wooden board.
Insurers in the United States alone typically skim off over 10 percent of health insurance premiums, while the administrative overhead for our most prominent public insurance program, Medicare, is less than 4 percent.
Meanwhile melt butter in microwave or pan, clarify or skim off butter solids, leaving milky residue.
If you want to use the juices from the turkey, skim off the fat first.
Bring to the boil - just - and skim off any scum and fat.
Jeff Ross, superintendent of the Mersey ship, which can recover up to 1,200 tonnes of oil, said: ``The oil is thick, heavy fuel oil which makes it more difficult to skim off.
Among animal inventors, there are the English blue tits who learned to peck open milk bottles and skim off the cream and the Japanese monkeys who learned to wash the sand off the sweet potato slices researchers left on the beach.
If you only want to skim off the 30 percent cream who want to move in less than three months, you're missing out on more than two-thirds of the Internet market," said Richard, author of the book "Real Estate Rainmaker" to be published in fall 1999 by John Wiley & Sons.
The enormous mass of material assembled by the authors also debunks two of the most influential myths surrounding the foundation of the Volkswagen company in the second half of the 1930s, namely the idea that it was part and parcel of the regime's hidden rearmament programme, and the thesis that its main function was to skim off the purchasing power of the German consumer.
Skim off the fungus and either strain the rest through a coarse sieve or add a little water and clean the seeds with a swirling motion, like panning gold.
One of the primary objections to a single-payer system is that it would encourage a "big government" approach to health care, but Marmor points out that managed competition would itself require extensive new layers of regulatory bureaucracy to ensure, among other things, that rival health plans don't try to skim off the least disease-prone customers.
What they wanted was a vehicle to jack up prices and skim off the profits, complete with bribery, illegal pay-offs, and money laundering all along the line," Frankenburg's attorney noted.
According to Seattle attorney David Copley, "The Supreme Court's decision, confirming the rulings the District Court and Ninth Circuit, brings an end to Nautilus and Cook Inlet's effort to skim off some of the punitive damages awarded to other victims of the Exxon Valdez oil spill.
But Angie Bray, leader of the London Assembly Conservative Group, said that "to skim off a resource which is needed to relieve such poverty, is morally indefensible"