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However, most of them, regardless of the fact they meet the criteria in paper, do not make it when they are interviewed, since they show no skillfulness at all," says Vlera Gjakova, from EVN.
For our immigration officials and judicial system to perceive her mark of faith as offensive and defamatory, we do nothing but demonstrate our lack of skillfulness and compassion in recognising other cultures' perceptions and outward representations.
Goodwin's brilliant Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, which inspired the film "Lincoln," gave us a rich picture of our greatest president's warmth and political skillfulness.
KUWAIT, March 24 (KUNA) -- An exhibition of traditional craftwork is being held on the fringes of the 25th Arab Summit, due Tuesday, where the creativity and skillfulness of Arab craftspersons can be seen through their artifacts.
Erdoy-an's leadership and political skillfulness is based on his ability to read social tendencies and take the pulse of society.
The long-distance sled dog race, which winds from Anchorage to Nome, not only showcases the talents of mushers who battle hazardous weather conditions, dangerous obstacles, and sheer exhaustion, but serves as a tribute to the resiliency, skillfulness, and strength of those who live in the Last Frontier.
she demonstrated high skillfulness in preparing traditional Palestinian dishes
8221; Fine hair cannot usually hold a wave or a curl but the right skillfulness will build more movement and fullness adding shape and astounding style.
The results of this study are in line with the results of study by Jafari and et al [15] which revealed skillfulness in line-styles in influential in improving the level of tolerance of addicted people and can be prevented those who have given up drug-abuse from returning to it.
Verbal skillfulness is a logical extension of the Buddhist concept of upaya ("skillful means"), and it seems best characterized as a mediating meliorating virtue as Pincoffs identifies the term.
Pierre Hadot emphasizes that "The Discourses of Epictetus, as reported by Arrian, constantly remind the philosopher's audience that philosophy does not consist in dialectical skillfulness or beautiful rhetorical language, but in the way one lives day-to-day life" (5).
The fierce attack by the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood on Youssef denotes the significance of the latter's program and his skillfulness in highlighting political developments in a joking manner.
Furthermore, they reflected on their skillfulness to engage those places of learning.
There is much excitement as some seemingly disconnected events take place, but through the skillfulness of Kuzneski's writing, they unfold to connect the dots as this page-turner moves forward.
Of course, exceptional skillfulness is needed for this but our capacities must be checked once again, Popovski concludes.