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With assertiveness comes emotional control, ability to manage, and skillfulness in handling.
and we saw his skillfulness in transitioning security responsibility to Afghan Forces.
His skillfulness in mediating on behalf of Palestinian interests can prove useful if he were to lead negotiations.
He was of the view that this show with variety of techniques, media and keen skillfulness of the students will attract artists, art lovers and art critics.
The skillfulness of the weaver is honed throughout the years.
Damascus, SANA -- An exhibition of wooden sculptures, being held in Damascus, contains a various combination of works that reflect creativity and skillfulness.
But the 61-year-old retired Baltimore rabbi's goofy-looking getup belies the skillfulness and speed with which he plays.
Deputy Commander of the Kuwaiti National Guard Shaikh Mesha'al Al Ahmed Al Sabah praised the great theoretical and practical skillfulness shown by the Bahraini National Guard personnel in combating terrorism.
The conclusion, which really could be chapter 8 in its own right, offers insight concerning how to develop competent skillfulness of a spiritual variety to discern the ways of God: a "discovery" of how God is already at work in our world (118-19), an "integration" of how our transformation is deeply interrelated with "the current and future flourishing of the world around [us] and that such goodness is [the] integral part of the Great Commission" (120), and an understanding of "new metrics" for gauging success toward what it means to cultivate flourishing churches and communities (126-28).
There is a link between literary and psychodynamic aesthetics, says British psychotherapist Holmes, and he focuses on parallels between the literary and psychotherapeutic imagination that can enhance psychotherapeutic skillfulness.
For our immigration officials and judicial system to perceive her mark of faith as offensive and defamatory, we do nothing but demonstrate our lack of skillfulness and compassion in recognising other cultures' perceptions and outward representations.
Goodwin's brilliant Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, which inspired the film "Lincoln," gave us a rich picture of our greatest president's warmth and political skillfulness.
KUWAIT, March 24 (KUNA) -- An exhibition of traditional craftwork is being held on the fringes of the 25th Arab Summit, due Tuesday, where the creativity and skillfulness of Arab craftspersons can be seen through their artifacts.
Erdoy-an's leadership and political skillfulness is based on his ability to read social tendencies and take the pulse of society.
The long-distance sled dog race, which winds from Anchorage to Nome, not only showcases the talents of mushers who battle hazardous weather conditions, dangerous obstacles, and sheer exhaustion, but serves as a tribute to the resiliency, skillfulness, and strength of those who live in the Last Frontier.