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As a carpenter's line gives a true edge to a piece of ship's timber, in the hand of some skilled workman whom Minerva has instructed in all kinds of useful arts--even so level was the issue of the fight between the two sides, as they fought some round one and some round another.
I see nothing in it," replied the king, "except a clever imitation of a real one; and any skilled workman might do as much.
Ham was a boat-builder in these days, having improved a natural ingenuity in that handicraft, until he had become a skilled workman.
One in five of the capital's women worked in the trade and men spent an average of 80 [pounds sterling] a year on it (when a skilled workman earned about 1 [pounds sterling] a week).
As $10 was a good weekly wage for a skilled workman at that time, these rates eliminated all but large businesses and the very rich from using the cable.
began making a book on the rails, proving a loyal, reliable and exceptionally skilled workman.
His manufacture brought him an income of between thirty and fifty-five pounds a year--about what a skilled workman might expect to earn, but not so much as the owner of a workshop might reasonably derive from a rare skill and the use of his own tools and materials.