skiing race

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a race between people wearing skis


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The Alpine Skiing race features four rounds of giant slalom (GS) and slalom between sets of poles (gates) in Darbandsar district of Tehran from January 5-8 and in Shemshak district of the same city from January 12-15.
The two-day snow skiing race was organized to explore young talent in snow sports.
We have the local youth altogether and we are conducting this small championship to give exposure to the local children of this area as a skiing race.
IT WILL be a slippery slope to success for Birmingham schoolchildren as a major skiing race returns to the city.
Other events for which the EBU plans to use the service include the 2006 FIFA World Cup and the tournament's qualification games; the Formula One racing season taking place throughout Latin America; World Championship swimming from Montreal, Canada; the various football tournaments throughout Latin America; and World Cup competition skiing races, among others.