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any of various small boats propelled by oars or by sails or by a motor

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But it's all-fired hot in summer, beggin' your pardon," Skiff Miller laughed.
Skiff Miller demanded, his brows lowering and an obstinate flush of blood reddening his forehead.
I played the sailor and the man, fending off the skiff so that it would not mar the yacht's white paint, dropping the skiff astern on a long painter, and making the painter fast with two nonchalant half-hitches.
And, as John Barleycorn heated his way into my brain, thawing my reticence, melting my modesty, talking through me and with me and as me, my adopted twin brother and alter ego, I, too, raised my voice to show myself a man and an adventurer, and bragged in detail and at length of how I had crossed San Francisco Bay in my open skiff in a roaring southwester when even the schooner sailors doubted my exploit.
When darkness had settled, De Vac pushed the skiff outward to the side of the dock and gathering the sleeping child in his arms stood listening, preparatory to mounting to the alley which led to old Til's place.
De Vac resumed his place in the skiff, and again drew it far beneath the dock.
Embedded in the prow of the skiff lay the spear that had been cast after me by him whom I suddenly desired to save.
With a loud hiss the creature abandoned its prey to turn upon me, but the spear, imbedded in its throat, prevented it from seizing me though it came near to overturning the skiff in its mad efforts to reach me.
The killer dropped quickly into the skiff beside the killed.
Casting off the tie rope and seizing the paddle, Paulvitch bent feverishly to the task of driving the skiff downward toward the Ugambi at top speed.
For one instant the skiff was drawn through the water, but in the next the canoe glided before it, and Natty, bending low, passed his knife across the throat of the animal, whose blood followed the wound, dyeing the waters.
Sam's curiosity was now fully aroused, so leaving his skiff he clambered silently up a ridge that overlooked their path.
That night, long after dark, the little, half-decked skiff sailed up the Oakland Estuary.
Oh, yes; you're the party that wrote for a double sculling skiff.
I could see him casting longing glances at the small skiff towing astern, so in the next calm I hauled the skiff alongside.