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someone who skis

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Another local skier, Izzat Ali from Malam Jabba, who secured first position in the competition, said that he had passion for skiing and was very excited to perform in front of so many spectators.
Karim managed to finish the two runs with a better average above Puerto Rico and two athletes from North Korea as only 75 skiers finished the race, while 34 out of 119 skiers did not finish the race.
For seeding, each skier takes one run on the course.
Utah's skier visits were up 13 percent over last season.
I finished first for my age and second overall behind Emily Sarsfield, a regular world cup skier with whom I am very good friends.
She is Chirine Njeim, also an alpine skier and had represented Lebanon in three winter games in 2002, 2006 and 2010 and even served as the country's flag bearer in Salt Lake City and Vancouver.
In backcountry skiing, a skier goes for skiing on ungroomed slopes, including unmarked or unpatrolled areas either inside or outside of a ski resort's boundaries.
We generally not get so much powder in Australia," said Shetter, another skier from England.
Duties of skiers and snowboarders imposed by the Colorado Skier Safety Act;
SKIERS and snowboarders could find themselves broke in more ways than one if they have an accident on the slopes, a Birmingham law firm has warned.
Summary: BEIRUT: A French tourist was killed Friday after an avalanche overwhelmed a group of skiers near Lebanon's highest peak of Qornet al-Sawda.
The skier, a man believed to be aged between 40 and 60, died in the popular ski resort of Val d'Isre.
Rachel Peabody was my best skier, and she's just a sophomore, so she'll be back, too.
Packed with photos and colourful anecdotes, Guts and Glory was written by Sally Manning, herself a cross-country skier who has competed in several World Masters Championships.
A SUPER skier from Teesside has bagged the British Disabled Ski Team's first-ever World Cup medals.