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Synonyms for skidder

a person who slips or slides because of loss of traction

a worker who uses a skid to move logs

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a tractor used to haul logs over rough terrain

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Supply and delivery of a new forestry skidder of around 15 tonnes for the rhin-vosges works agency.
They're all certified Cutter Skidders through me, and many go on to land big industry jobs after working with us and I'm proud of that.
In the Southeast, conventional whole-tree harvesting systems incorporate a feller-buncher to fell and bunch the trees while a rubber-tired grapple skidder drags the bundle (several bunches from the feller-buncher laid together) of trees to the loading deck (Wilkerson et al.
2008), estudando o ciclo operacional do skidder, constataram que a distancia de extracao e a declividade do terreno apresentaram maior influencia sobre a produtividade da maquina, enquanto Freitas (2005) observou que o volume de madeira por hectare e a distancia de arraste foram os fatores de maior influencia, em que os menores custos foram encontrados nas menores distancias de extracao.
The rubber-tired skidder was used to extract 3 m to 4 m long logs on drivable terrain of up to 35 percent slope.
Skidder has never been to America, has never even been out of province; the trip, says Jean, will be "a good education" (12).
We utilize our 8N to pull a five-foot brush-hog, a 16-foot tandem trailer, a round hay bale buggy, a five-foot grader blade, a five-foot tandem disc-harrow and a homemade pine-log skidder.
THE SKIDDER is made for hauling trees in the woods.
Also included are precision tools, an iron mule skidder, clam loader, truck trailer etc.
I turned an old pickup truck bed liner into a useful skidder to pull behind my tractor.
O Skidder utilizado possui uma lamina frontal e uma pinca na parte traseira.
Finally, the John Deere 648GIII Log Skidder (pounds 19.
In both manual systems, these machines replaced the horse--with the forwarder carrying pulpwood in the shortwood system, and the skidder dragging saw logs for the long-wood system.
The youngest worker killed on the job was an 18-year-old logging skidder operator who was killed when he fell off a skidder and was run over, according to the Department of Consumer & Business Services.
GPS use for disturbed areas determination in harvest skidder operations