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Synonyms for skidder

a person who slips or slides because of loss of traction

a worker who uses a skid to move logs

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a tractor used to haul logs over rough terrain

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2008), estudando o ciclo operacional do skidder, constataram que a distancia de extracao e a declividade do terreno apresentaram maior influencia sobre a produtividade da maquina, enquanto Freitas (2005) observou que o volume de madeira por hectare e a distancia de arraste foram os fatores de maior influencia, em que os menores custos foram encontrados nas menores distancias de extracao.
The rubber-tired skidder was used to extract 3 m to 4 m long logs on drivable terrain of up to 35 percent slope.
Skidder has never been to America, has never even been out of province; the trip, says Jean, will be "a good education" (12).
Para o Skidder foram coletados em cada um dos oito pontos de diferentes distancias 35 ciclos operacionais.
We have four tractor sets to give away today, each worth pounds 75, including a Case IH Puma 210 Tractor, Case IH Quadrac 535, John Deere 8330 Tractor and John Deere 648GIII Log Skidder.
Initiating the long-wood developmental path, the introduction of the skidder to the long-wood manual system gave rise to the skid-and-slash harvesting system.
GPS use for disturbed areas determination in harvest skidder operations
With the help of Don's father-in-law, they built a scarifier--a device that will disk, turn, or till the soil to prepare it for receiving seeds--to pull behind their pole skidder after harvesting a birch plot.
Murosky and Hassan (1991) found that a steel-tracked skidder caused a smaller increase in bulk density than did 2 different rubber-tyred skidders over a range of conditions and at different depths.
Matt Fisher and Lee Hudson went close while Phil Brown sent a skidder just wide of the far post after a deflected Hudson cross fell kindly.
Other Buchans region samples plot with Pb from the tholeiitic Skidder Prospect suggesting that the Pb in the Buchans region represents a mixture between a least radiogenic, Skidder-type tholeiitic mafic environment and a more radiogenic calc-alkaline (?
When deployed, a unique nail-shaped RFID tag will be inserted into each tree that will be tracked as it moves through the supply chain, from the skidder that removes the tree from the forest, to the truck transportation to the rail car, etc.
Realization of logging services - departments 45,16, 17, 79, 86, 28, 41, 37: Skidding forest / skidder tipper.
Contract notice: supply and delivery of a forest skidder
Certified by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities for the Cutter Skidder Operator Program and the Mechanical Harvesting Operator Program, Young insists on personally training all employees.