skid road

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the district of a town frequented by loggers

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a road made of logs on which freshly cut timber can be hauled

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Investigation of timber harvesting impacts on herbaceous cover, forest floor and surface soil properties on skid road in an oak (Quercus petrea L.
Effects of Skid Roads on Diameter, Height, and Volume Growth in Douglas-fir, Soil Science Society of America Journal, 45(3): 629-632.
A few mornings later on the way into my stand in the dark, I found a fresh, deep scrape right where his minor trail left the skid road.
When the project is over, the skid roads will be seeded in April with a conservation grass mix, and will be maintained as fire access roads into the future.
Cost scenarios of skid road construction and BMP implementation.
We got our maps out and penciled in our destination at the end of some old skid roads.
Henry Yesler built a skid for the logs to slide down the street that is now named after him, and sure enough it was dubbed by the locals, Skid Road.
We worked our way cautiously down a half-iced grade that looked like a skid road, and then hiked a shod distance on Fibreboard property to behold the piece de resistance in the company's environmental forestry program.
I had started working at this mission in Seattle's Skid Road (the country's original skid row) because I was hoping to make a real change in the world.
As my skid road example shows, you don't need to break the bank to build effective food plots.
With this, and legendary profanity said to make the bark of adjoining fir trees sizzle into smoking wisps and fall to the ground, he steered his log train along the skid road.
This location was nearly a mile west of the alfalfa field I saw three coyotes, several does, and three 140-class bucks crossing the skid road heading east - but still no sign of the two I was after.
In addition to all of the cutting, the beavers had constructed three large skid roads from their logging area across our lot to the lake.
On DCR projects the foresters decide the section of the forest that should be harvested, which trees in that section will be harvested, the general timing of the harvest and the location of main skid roads.