ski wax

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wax used on the bottom of skis

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Frequent checkpoints provide free snacks and ski wax services, while free shuttle buses transport skiers to the starting point of their choice and return them afterward to their accommodation (1-877-770-6556 or www.
A new ski wax made of soy beans developed by Faye Mulvaney and Ryan Howard, food-engineering students at Purdue Univ.
Photo: Ski-touring pack ($30) includes organizer for ski wax kit, first-aid items
With an exhibit hall segmented into skis, snowboards, accessories, fashion, retail services and destinations, the show did not disappoint, featuring everything from Teflon-based Zardoz ski wax to skis with tiki-themed hand-carved wooden inlays from Breckenridge-based Ski Logik to 90-year-old outerwear pioneer Klaus Obermeyer holding court with attendees.
The wax has been used successfully in polishes, ski wax, ointments, lubricants, soaps, sculpture work and as preservatives.
There is a wide-range of products currently on the market incorporating nanomaterials, from golf clubs and ski wax to advanced display technologies in consumer electronics and self-cleaning surfaces in the home.
He came across a heated box marketed by a ski wax manufacturer, but it cost about $5,000.
According to Wilshire, this year's team dues were $180, which covers liability insurance, transportation, ski wax, trail passes for all races and practices and membership in the Southern League and OISRA.