ski trail

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trail or slope prepared for skiing


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We then covered the ski trail and the hiking trail to the top of the pass, and looked for tracks around Avalanche Pass, but found nothing.
9 million dollars, has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, cathedral ceilings, a huge stone fireplace, hot tub, three-car heated garage, outdoor deck overlooking the Uinta Mountains, and private access to the Success Ski Trail in Deer Valley, Newsmax reports.
It was a beautiful afternoon, and the trail was well-marked, being a ski trail, but there was not a human being--or animal for that matter--to be seen.
Only a year ago, Rogne and two other skiers from Israel and Canada were rescued after two days when they veered off the ski trail following an avalanche.
Suddenly a solid bank of fog came in from the Black Sea and the ski trail became invisible.
It's not easy designing a cross-country ski trail system for the Winter Olympics, one that will satisfy athletes, spectators, the media and the exacting standards of various skiing and biathlon governing bodies.
Then he shot his first 8mm movie, which excited him even more than a dizzying run down a vertiginous ski trail.
Part of the main ski trail has been closed because of the threat of an avalanche.
Again, distinctive touches like taped music at the rink and hot chocolate served at the end of a ski trail will help fill your camp.
Ski trail crossings of the footpath will be necessary to reach all of the slopes and facilities Breen is proposing.
At over 10 miles, it's the longest ski trail in the States, winding down through the trees with a drop of 3100ft.
On the screen, the site could be planned to ensure that no grandstand was perched precariously over a ravine or that a ski trail would not induce erosion.
Amenities include a swimming pool, two large hot tubs, a tubing hill, ice fishing, a cross-country ski trail, snow shoe rentals and an outdoor amphitheater.