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a carrier for holding skis on top of a vehicle

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If you're using a ski rack, ensure it's secured to the car.
The ski rack is designed to store up to two pairs of skis and two pairs of ski boots.
From left, Auburn Middle School Ski Club members Lily Borisov, Cindy Milioto, and Stephanie Curtis, all 13, grab their skis from the outdoor ski rack.
A ski rack can increase fuel consumption by seven to 8%, and a fully-loaded roof rack by up to 30%.
No matter how hard Hyundai try though, and the test model had some fancy side steps and a ski rack on top, they can't make the Trajet look stylish.
On display at Tesla's booth, the Roadster is equipped with a Tesla engineered custom Roadster ski rack, and set of signature Tesla Folsom Custom Skis.
For a supplement of around pounds 10, skiers can upgrade to a Ski Max package which includes guaranteed snow tyres and ski rack, full tank of fuel, additional named driver, no out of hours charges and advance registration.
If you're renting a car, request a "winterized" vehicle--one that already has the correct antifreeze and heavy-duty all-weather or snow tires; "skierized" means it also has a ski rack, and in some cases tire chains in the trunk.
Mr Snell's car, complete with ski rack, was parked in the driveway.
The beer garden will be transformed with pine trees, falling snow, ski racks, piste maps and strings of lights and lanterns.
Bold Design & Style: Bold grille with chrome inserts, imposing bumpers, static bending headlamps, stylish ski racks, sporty alloy wheels, high ground clearance and tailgate-mounted spare wheel which reflect the spirit of a tough masculine design
Final use of these aluminum profiles can be found in security detectors, basketball backboards, solar panels, ski racks, automobile and thermal applications.
The Montague on the Garden hotel in Bloomsbury has transformed its outdoor deck into an Alpine ski lodge complete with snow, pine trees, snowmen, ski racks, reindeer, and piste-maps.
The fees earned from selling insurance, ski racks and others items are additional profits.