ski rack

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a carrier for holding skis on top of a vehicle

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If you're using a ski rack, ensure it's secured to the car.
A ski rack can increase fuel consumption by seven to 8%, and a fully-loaded roof rack by up to 30%.
No matter how hard Hyundai try though, and the test model had some fancy side steps and a ski rack on top, they can't make the Trajet look stylish.
On display at Tesla's booth, the Roadster is equipped with a Tesla engineered custom Roadster ski rack, and set of signature Tesla Folsom Custom Skis.
For a supplement of around pounds 10, skiers can upgrade to a Ski Max package which includes guaranteed snow tyres and ski rack, full tank of fuel, additional named driver, no out of hours charges and advance registration.
If you're renting a car, request a "winterized" vehicle--one that already has the correct antifreeze and heavy-duty all-weather or snow tires; "skierized" means it also has a ski rack, and in some cases tire chains in the trunk.
Mr Snell's car, complete with ski rack, was parked in the driveway.
Converting your engine to a plug-in or driving on vegetable oil is not for everyone - and, whether it is tightening the gas cap, easing up on that lead foot or removing a ski rack, our team of mechanics has provided a series of simple, tried and true tips to help anyone start driving more cost-efficiently
Take out those sand bags you might have added to the trunk for winter driving, remove the bike or ski rack if you aren't using it, and unload any other unnecessary cargo.
50 Off Rentals, Unlimited Mileage and a Free Ski Rack
Six pairs of skis or four snowboards (or combinations of both) are easily mounted on the Inno GrabMax Ski Rack.
Optional bicycle and ski rack accessories from Mont Blanc(R) (a subsidiary of JAC Products) are also available.
1, 2006, to April 12, 2006, consumers who book one of 14 participating ski destinations using promotion code SK56 get a complimentary ski rack when they reserve a vehicle at this special "downhill" rate: an intermediate SUV for $37.
1, 2006, through April 12, 2006, customers who use promotion code SK56 will enjoy melting rates with a complimentary ski rack on your choice of $37.
Now through April 30, 2006, in addition to unlimited mileage and a free ski rack, customers can choose from one of the following money-saving offers.