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a pole with metal points used as an aid in skiing

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Modified ski poles and plastic pipe are the most common materials.
Although ski poles or a homemade walking staff work well for hillwalking, you can also explore manufactured offerings.
It is made out of various forms of metal tubing: bicycle handlebars, the probe-head of a vacuum cleaner, part of a ski pole, the burner mechanism of a gas stove, and all sorts of other doohickeys.
I cruise around the room, ski pole in hand, feeling more stable and moving at a faster clip.
That's because owners of Black Tie Rentals outlets aren't paying for base-resort storefronts although Sternberg and Prichard did open a small outlet in Steamboat two years ago called Black 'Lie Amenity Center to make it easier for clients to deal with issues like midday equipment exchanges or replacing a bent ski pole.
While he rummages through dumpsters in search of second-hand clothing, building materials, kitchen items, and anything else that might make life easier for his students and for himself, he also recycles the tremendous amount of glass, metals, and plastics he finds with his diving stick: an old ski pole.
But, when the weather turns cloudy, they follow the direction of the wind, as indicated by a pair of lacy knickers shredded and stuck to the end of a ski pole.
A DRUNK who brandished a ski pole during a street argument has been fined pounds 150.
BEING attacked by a mountain goat and stabbed with a ski pole are just two of the bizarre insurance claims made by hapless British skiers, it emerges today.
Both women lost a boot, a sock and a ski pole in the freezing waters.
Having something that simply sticks to a ski pole and gives a clear, constant temperature reading without adding weight or becoming intrusive is a major benefit for me.
I tried both carrot and stick, but neither ski pole thrashings nor the offer of bits of chocolate would make him change his ways.
However, I'm not sure if it's because I could remember how to ski (if anyone else tells me it's like riding a bike I'll be forced to stick a ski pole up their nose) or because the salopettes almost, nearly fit me.